Case Studies

Home Insulation Services Case Studies: Complete Home Insulation in Wheeling, IL

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 by Ax Torres


These homeowners had been living in a home with zero insulation in their walls, poor insulation in their attics, no insulation in their basement, and minimal insulation in their crawlspace. They initially called us out to inspect their home and let them know what it would take to finally make their home comfortable as they were paying very high utility bills, had serious sound issues, and were afraid of what else was lurking behind their walls and ceilings. In the meantime, they had placed blankets on their walls to reduce sound travel and help provide some insulation. Of course, this made the house very dark and they had to live with LED lights in their hallways set to motion detectors. They needed some serious help and we were happy to oblige.

Upon inspecting the home, we found that they in fact had no insulation in their walls, no access to a secnod attic, poor insulation in another attic, and had an active fire hazard because their drer vent and bathroom vent were venting into their siding! They had to remove their siding just to clean the lint out of the dryer and if they were to go too long without doing that the house could have caught on fire!


We proposed dense-packing the entire home from the exterior, creating a scuttle into their second attic space, air-sealing and insulating both attics to R-49, rerouting their bath and dryer vents properly, adding sound-deadening batts to their basement ceiling, and using rigid and spray foam products in their rim joists to stop drafts from coming into the home. After the project got underway, we also found that we had to drill holes in their soffit to add proper ventilation in their attics, remove bee hives that had started in their soffits, and insulating their AC line going into their home. This was one of the largest projects we have done to date and we took plenty of photos as well as filmed the customer's reaction before, and after the work was done in order to capture the impact of the work we did. Now, they are happier than ever and their bills are super low...not to mention that they can hear a pin drop in their home! We sure made this young couple very happy.