How Insulation Can Save Energy & Money in the Fall

Dr. Energy Saver (N.E. Illinois) offers home insulation installation and upgrades in Illinois

The right type and amount of insulation depends on where you live. For homes in Illinois, insulation should have an insulating value between R38 and R49 when being upgraded.

With summer almost over, residents of Northern Illinois have a lot to look forward to within their surrounding communities during this upcoming fall season - from the beautiful changes in foliage and local street festivals to the changes in weather and all things pumpkin. Many people consider the fall to be the perfect time of year as far as climate goes – not too hot and not too cold. When we are at home, we can keep our windows cracked and stay comfortable for longer periods of time without having to touch our thermostats. During those mildly warm afternoons and cool and crisp evenings, we can easily forget about the ever increasing energy bills we dread seeing every month.

While you might not be thinking about home improvements during the fall season, it’s wise to consider what’s going on within the home and to think about the climate of the upcoming seasons. Cold floors, drafty rooms, high energy bills, and inconsistent room temperatures are just a few signs of a leaky and energy wasting home. While there may be numerous causes for any one of these symptoms; if you are experiencing any of these energy problems, it might be a good idea to have your insulation inspected. If the insulation in our home is damaged, missing, or improperly installed, then the R-value (heat transfer) of the insulation material itself will significantly drop, letting more air escape out of the conditioned rooms of the home; and therefore costing us more money to stay comfortable.

Modern advancements to both insulation materials and installation techniques have now made it easier than ever to address the energy weaknesses within the home during the fall season. Insulation upgrades provide long-term improvements that will help increase the overall home comfort and energy efficiency of the building during those hot summer days in July and those cold wintry nights in January. Insulation can also help to improve the air quality of the home year round.

Starting with an energy assessment of the home, energy professionals are able to quickly locate and identify the largest energy weaknesses within a building and then provide the most cost-effective solutions for the home. Dr. Energy Saver (N.E. Illinois) can help you decide which type of insulation material is right for your home, where it’s needed and how much. There are many insulation options available, including  spray foam, blown-in, rigid foam board, cellulose insulation, and radiant barriers; which can be used for insulating the attic, crawl space, basement, garage and all throughout the house.

Find out how you can improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home this fall with insulation services from Dr. Energy Saver (N.E. Illinois). We provide our home insulation services to homeowners all throughout the Greater North Shore area, including: Palatine, Arlington Heights, Glenview, Algonquin, Buffalo Grove, Northbrook, and cities nearby! Contact us today to see and feel the difference insulating your home can make!

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