Testimonials for Dr. Energy Saver N.E. Illinois

the crew was clean and neat and took pride in there work
Walter R. of Winnetka, IL
Thursday, August 23rd
The crew worked very hard on the hottest days of the year to complete the job.
Marc T. of Kenilworth, IL
Tuesday, August 28th
Easy to work with.
Joy L. of Glencoe, IL
Thursday, August 23rd
Exact procedures were followed.  
Dan B. of Techny, IL
Thursday, September 13th
Mike and Ceasar took time to inspect the work that had been assigned to be done. They found a few areas that needed more attention and added it to our job without charge. This showed how knowledgeable they were about their job and how conscientious they are about doing their job right and well.
Arin Z. of Golf, IL
Tuesday, August 28th
Quick, efficient, clean
Lauren G. of Fort Sheridan, IL
Tuesday, August 28th
I found your team honest and open. I thought the communication was strong without feeling like I was being over sold.
Steve S. of Highwood, IL
Thursday, August 23rd
Absolutely a great job.  We've noticed a significant change in the temperatures inside the bedrooms.  We also unexpectadly addressed an odor issue that was flowing down from the attic into the bedrooms on hot days.  We're extremely happy with the outcome!
Ryan of Lake Forest, IL
Thursday, February 27th
Great response time!
Scott O. of Lincolnshire, IL
Thursday, August 23rd
Eric Took the time to show me the gaps in my present insulation and to recommend fixes to the ice-dam problem.
Mark S. of Great Lakes, IL
Tuesday, August 28th
I found out about Dr. Energy from the internet and was impressed with the professional approach to the complete job.
Mike S. of North Chicago, IL
Tuesday, August 28th
Wow such a difference! The upstairs stays cool. We don't have to turn our air conditioning down so low. So glad we did this! Thank you.
Kelly I. of Arlington Heights, IL
Tuesday, September 18th
My floors are warmer in the winter and the draft is gone.  My house also feels cooler in the summer.  Dr Energy Saver offered us professional service.  They care about my home.   They were very careful and left my home clean and in great repair.  I would recommend Dr Energy Saver to help all my friends and family with their home insulation and energy improvements.  Thank you Dr Energy Saver!
Nancy of Buffalo Grove, IL
Tuesday, January 1st
Professional approach. Detailed specifications on work to be done. 
Danielle D. of Gurnee, IL
Thursday, September 13th
I discovered Dr. Energy Saver on the Internet in the summer of 2018 when I was researching remedies for ice dam formation. The video presentation I found was clear and concise. I response to my call, a very professional evaluator (Tim D.) showed up and appraised my situation. Apart from giving me a thorough and understandable explanation for my problem, he informed me that my existing insulation contained asbestos and would have to be removed before the necessary improvements to prevent another ice dam. This led to another search for an environmental contractor to remove the asbestos. Fortunately, Tim had acquainted me with a trust fund which was set up to help ameliorate the costs of asbestos abatement, and which eventually reimbursed me about $4,000. Once the abatement was complete, the Dr. Energy Saver crew (supervised by Tim, Ray and Sue) completed the air-sealing and installation of new cellulose insulation in a single day in December 2018. There was an immediate noticeable improvement in the warmth of the house: the wood floors were not so cold! I have not looked for changes in my gas bill yet, but I am content that the house is much more energy-efficient. There was one minor glitch in the process. After the new insulation was installed, I observed a persistent small area of snow melt on the roof that could potentially cause an ice dam. After I reported this to Tim, he came out to the house and analyzed the problem. There was a subtle leak of warm air from one of the walls adjacent to the shower enclosure in the bathroom. Tim took charge and arranged for his crew to tweak the air sealing in this area. I think they may have done an “over-kill” job, as it looks like there is no way for air to pass into the attic. This just in: the latest information about natural gas consumption indicates a decrease of about 30% over last year’s consumption with roughly the same average daily temperature.
Stephen W. of Mundelein, IL
Wednesday, May 15th
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